Monday, 24 May 17:30 18:30 (CEST)

Green thinking : sustainable architecture


Natural Stone has been considered a sustainable building material long before “green design” became a catch-phrase. Ancient civilizations up through contemporary designers have all taken advantage of natural stone’s beneficial environmental properties and superior durability. It may not occur to most designers how “green” natural stone is, because it is such a traditional building material. But in fact, natural stone is second to none for sustainability, and it possesses something no other building material can compete with the ability to tell a story.

Its consistent mechanical properties, global availability, and tremendous longevity have made it not only the most sustainable choice, but also the canvas for individuals, royalty, and great civilizations to chronicle their stories for future generations. In this session we will review the overall “green” aspects of natural stone; from acquisition, processing, transportation to job sites, performance metrics as a building material, and possibly its most important sustainable characteristic: durability. So, as a designer, architect, fabricator, quarrier, or building owner, what story can stone help you tell?

Event languages: Italiano, English

How to participate: Public Free Event

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Speaker - Ronald Fergle
Ronald Fergle

President of SOLART Architecture Technologist (Minneapolis, Minnesota)


Organizer - Veronafiere