Wednesday, 27 September 16:00 17:00 (CEST)

Material Match Up - Lithic synergies


In the presentation, we will discuss the advantages of MMC - Modern Methods of Construction and the related outlook according to analysts in the construction industry. The offsite approach is enhanced when tied to the flexibility required by Architecture, so it is essential to cultivate a culture around this construction method by integrating concepts related to Design. The presentation concludes with some examples of state-of-the-art solutions available that align with these guidelines, showcasing both significant completed construction projects and the potential of dry stratigraphy that includes natural stone facades, combining science, mechanics, art, and urban planning. This framework is consistent with the goals set by the European Green Deal and the principles of the New European Bauhaus.

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Speaker - Marcello Cutino
Marcello Cutino
Speaker - Luciano Galimberti
Luciano Galimberti
Speaker - Daniel Elber
Daniel Elber
Speaker - Fulvio Zezza
Fulvio Zezza