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Tuesday, 25 May 10:00 11:00 (CEST)

Beyond Michelangelo: marble in contemporary art


For centuries marble has been the material used for sculptures, giving shape to religious images and civil monuments. Nothing more than marble embodies the idea of art in its dimension of manual technique and artisanal quality. Nowadays, when all of this seems out of the picture, what is the reason for the use of marble in contemporary art? At a closer look, an upsurge in interest for this material is underway: from Maurizio Cattelan to Jeff Koons, from Antony Gormley to Damien Hirst, many of the majour contemporary artists are going back to marble, as well as lots of representatives of the rising generation.

It becomes a conceptual tool capable of conveying the idea of durability, monumentality, perpetuity. Also, through digitalization and robotics, marble opens the potential of new technologies to art: it becomes a light and soft material, gathering in itself also its opposite: its performative, procedural dimension.

Event languages: Italiano, English


Speaker - Fabio Cavallucci
Fabio Cavallucci

Critic and curator of contemporary art


Organizer - Veronafiere